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  • Daniel's

    Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the mail.  Changing technology has divided attention between email, text messaging, social media accounts and the good old United States Post Office box.

    Coal Ridge High School students Zach Barry, Claudia Buchholz and Santana Martinez, however, have been anxiously awaiting their mail delivery. They, like many other graduating seniors seeking scholarships, have been looking for a large envelope with a return address from the Daniels Fund. Each of them can now be considered among the more than 3,950 students in the prestigious Daniels Scholar family and the first Daniels Scholars for Coal Ridge High School.

    Through the two stage process, the nine required 250-word essays and the in person interviews, all three said that the hardest part of the process was the waiting.

    “I cried,” explained Claudia when she opened the envelope. “I went to the P.O. Box after track practice and saw the giant envelope, and opened it right there in the post office. A lady walked around the corner and asked me if I was O.K. I told her I had just gotten a scholarship and they were happy tears.”

    Santana was at a track meet when her letter arrived.

    “My Dad drove it to me at the track meet,” she laughed.

    The emotion for all 238 high school seniors from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming  earning the Daniels Scholar title is expected. The Daniels Scholarship Program allows recipients to attend any accredited nonprofit college or university in the United States, and the program covers the expenses that remain after all other scholarships and financial aid have been applied.

    “I’m still waiting for someone to read the letter and tell me that I missed something and I did not get the scholarship,” laughed Zach still in disbelief.

    All three have their career tracks decided upon but are not as sure of their college choice.  Zach will be attending the Colorado School of Mines to focus on the biological aspects of chemical engineering. Santana plans on pursuing a career in nursing, but is unsure of her college as of yet and Claudia is also seeking a career in health care – probably physical therapy – and is interested in several colleges in the upper Northwest.

    While the scholarship is not the final determination for their college plans, it does open up opportunities for the trio and in some cases, their siblings.

    All have shown exemplary leadership in their community and their school. The time spent in student council, National Honor Society, school clubs, athletics and volunteering in the community placed them in good position for this award. But all three students credit the staff at Coal Ridge High School in helping them earn this prestigious award.

    “We owe a lot to our teachers and staff,” added Claudia. “They have all been instrumental in our growth. The English department in particular in helping us with our essays,  our teachers for writing letters of recommendation and the interview skills that our counselors help us with.”

    Coal Ridge Principal Jackie Davis couldn’t be prouder of her students and her staff for supporting them.

    “We have outstanding students at Coal Ridge, and these three are shining representatives of our student body and show their character, and servant leadership every day. They are great role models for our school and community.  Our staff supports all of our students by challenging them to become the best students and citizens every day. We are so proud of our Coal Ridge Titan family.”


    The trio of Daniels scholarship winners come on the heels of last year’s Coal Ridge Boettcher Scholar, Jacob Morgan.


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  • Band and Choir Parent information

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  • safe 2 tell

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  • 12th Grade    
    All A Honor Roll A/B Honor Roll
    Barry, Zachary Evan Buchholz, Claudia Lee
    Martinez, Santana Isabel Vasquez, Juan Manuel
    Morales Ibal, Helida Yaly Elswick, Bostyn Alivia
    Jurmu, Abigail Annie Romain, Sydney Ava
    Keranen, Parker Michael Detlefsen, Connor Scott
    Feese, Jessica Ann Williams, Cheyanne Rae
    Whitaker, Jacob Joseph Young, Jacqueline Rose
    Dunn, Samantha Leanne Grey, Makayla Lynne
      Bunn, Brandy Reed
      Power, Jacx Lee
      Porter, Billet Joe
      Krueger, Jaycelyn Glen-Rose
      Rivera, Amethyst Crystal
      Brooks, Joshua Triton
      Cannell, Tucker Ray
      McElroy, Katelynn Starr
      Vasquez, Alexcia Rose
      Craig, Austin Lee
      Harlow, Paige Nacole
      Hinojos, Isaac NMN
      Vasquez, Ezequiel Fabian
      Glasenapp, Devvon Joseph
      Moser, Desirae Hope
      Greene, Cassandra Logan
      Ochoa, Daniel Primitivo
      Harrington, Couy Austin
      Mendoza, Vanessa NMN
      Bacon, Walter Miguel
      Herrera, Brandon Quinn
      Contreras Morales, Ezequiel NMN
      Vasquez, Angelina Elizabeth
      Willey, Clara Elise
      Flemings III, Chauncey Atonnhets William Akweks
      Ramirez Morales, Ismael Alejandro
      Flaherty, Connor Langdon
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  • 11th Grade    
    All A Honor Roll A/B Honor Roll
    Ortiz Venzor, Paola Taylor, Joshua James
    Arroyo, Jonathan Josue Moreno, Britney Jeanette
    McPherson, Amanda Grace Morgan, Kara Anne
    Esgar, Andrea Lynn Ottosen, Sheridan Paige
    Keranen, Dawson Eric Wiescamp, Alexa Rose
    Doherty, Wyeth Paul Jones, Stephen David
    Noffsinger, Colby Jarred Harju, Holly Anne
    Godina, Bianca Lizbeth Jurmu, Maggie Elizabeth
    Ortiz Venzor, Paola Dyer, John Robert
      Crawford, Makenzie May
      Brintnall, Isabelle Turner Kelley
      Salguero, Kelsey Jasmine
      Jackson, Kaitlyn June
      Rosas, Pablo Cesar
      Monger, Dacey Ashlan
      Gonzales, Grace Alexandra
      Jones, Kyler Lee
      Funes, Jeremiah Abraham
      Otero, Wilfredo Guadalupe
      Flores Munoz, Kevyn Thair
      Warren, Conner Bradley
      Arreola Ruiz, Aaron NMN
      DiMarco, Kevin Michael
      Hummel, Kevin Spencer
      Apostolik, Trace Nathan
      Peterson, Lacey Lynn
      Wenzel, Alyssa Ellen
      Fisher, Raven Allena
      Bedolla Aguirre, Eduardo Cesar
      Morales, Louis Xavier
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  • 10th Grade  
    All A Honor Roll A/B Honor Roll
    Boyd, Aidan James Westphal, Mitchell Eric
    Flaherty, Erin Maureen Groves, Cara Jordan
    Lawson, Rebecca Kay Pagni, Pilar Annali
    Riddick, Skye Gabrielle Kammers, Brayden Edward
    Ayala Torres, Stephany Richel, Jared Christopher
    Hough, Maren Jarrah Vasquez, Piper Lee
    Wood, Hayley Rose Stickler, Landon Charles
    Evridge, Madison Elaine Walton, Ryah Lenia
    Chavez Martinez, Arleth Guzman, Nicole 
      Green, Leila Janae
      Gonzalez-Garcia, Vanessa Ivette
      Gerber, Austin James
      Buchholz, Emma Rose
      Zuniga, Denise 
      Grant, Jordon Allen
      Stanley, Sydney Jeanne
      Luetke, Addison Teri
      Gaeta Jaquez, Arilertzy
      Cox, Cerise Aimee
      Joya, Luis Angel
      Archila, Eboni Anabel
      Dacuma, Cipriana Patrice
      Simpson, Branson Lee
      Nevarez, Lyanna Marie
      Grangroth, Brannon Daniel
      Solis, Christian 
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  • 9th Grade    
    All A Honor Roll   A/B Honor Roll
    Glasenapp, Emily Louise Arroyo, Kayla Maribel
    Herrala, Derek Jeffrey Jurmu, Tory Thomas
    Lake, Olivia Grace   Murillo, Mayra NMN
    Ramirez Delgado, Tanya Rebeca Wiescamp, Taylor Dyan
    Ruiz-Carrasco, Joel NMN Frees, Keelan Charles
    Byman, Lena Kalare   Garcia, Juliana Yuleisy
    Davis, Austin Mahlon Greene, Jackson Walker
    Guccini, Brecken Paige Jaquez, Daniela Ivon
    Pidcock, Dylan James Parr, Sadie Rose
    Rice, Charisma Soleil Sanchez, Juan Daniel
    Sandblom, Shayne Blue Alton Vasquez, Christian Javier
    Tharp, Libby Summer Helen Westphal, Colton Eric
    Thompson, Joseph Nephi Pelaez, Selvin Daniel
    Grangroth, Dane Joseph Price, Jack Martin
    Chabin, Harrison Wheeler Wild, Kobe Patrick
    McKissack, McKayla Marie Cornejo, Ariana Isabelle
        Elswick, Brynlee Abilene
        Jensen, Makenzie Marie
        Julian, Kyle Scott
        Keranen, Addison Marie
        Lerma Medina, Perla Karely
        Parker, Elizabeth Jacquelyn
        Colvin-Maher, Chayce Nathaniel
        Montover, Rosalie Joe
        Nelson, Raeanna Melissa Camille
        Ramos Ledezma, Ashley NMN
        Villalobos, Destinee Aisa
        Wade, Jackson Garrett
        Ortega, Irvin NMN
        Hoffman, Colby Robert
        Johnston, Aidan Michael Sterling
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  • Community Outreach

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  • Monday the 15th will be the next Community Outreach. The topic for this Monday is Drug awareness.  This Parent oriented class will help parents identify commonly abused substances, so we can be diligent in keeping them away from our students.

    This class will be at Coal Ridge High School in the band room. The English speaking class we at 6pm and the Spanish translated class will be at 7pm.


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  • The Coal Ridge community and Booster club would like to thank the following businesses:

    Young Services
    Crawford Brothers Electric
    Archer Installations
    Terra Energy Partners
    The Property Shop
    Timberline Pool and Spa
    Mountain Pest Control Inc.
    Hogback Pizza
    Elk Creek Mining Co
    Climate Control
    Grand River Hospital District
    Innermountain Distributing CO
    Alpine Bank
    Avalanche Excavation
    Town and Country
    Eggland's Best
    Big Horn Toyota
    Nevarez Trucking
    Holy Cross Energy
    Speckled Feather Mercantile
    Steve's Painting & Decorating
    Trusfab Inc.
    American Family Insurance, Jim Lord
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  • Congratulations to our Cheer team for taking 2nd at state.

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  • Check out the new CRHS Testing calendar. You can get to it here, on our website, or link to it on the Garfield Re-2 App.

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  • Parents, Please go on registration Gateway and make sure your student's information is updated.

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  • Anyone interested in the possibility of having boys tennis, girls tennis or softball at Coal Ridge, please contact Dr. Davis.  665-6710

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  • 2017/2018 CRHS supply List

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  • Check us out on facebook: Coal Ridge High School@coalridgehstitans

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  • CRHS Registration Curriculum guide 2017. 

    Click on Link: CRHS Curriculum Guide

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